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Trainer 19
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Jetted Swim and Fitness Spa
Get in and say hello to a whole new level of physical and mental fitness.This is where the sweet spot of a swim spa meets the power of a hydrothermal therapy spa. Where the benefits of both are joined to satisfy self-disciplines and self-indulgences alike. This is the H2X Trainer 19 and quite possibly the best home spa experience of your life.
Wymiary 231″ x 94″ x 51″
(587cm x 239cm x 130cm)
Pojemność 2,010 Gallons (7,609 L)
Waga 2,460 lbs. (1,116 kg)
Propulsion System VIP Technology
Power Requirement 100 Amp System
Pompy 4
Dysze 48 (Including 4 VIP Jets)
Kaskadys 5
Ozone System Standard
Filtracja EcoPur®
LED Lighting Waterline
Exclusive Features Noise Reduction System
Akcesoria H2Xercise System


Opcje Premium
The Deluxe Fusion BT Sound System: is an available option on any Master Spas Swim Spa. The rugged design and water resistant housing includes a docking station, FM tuner, USB connector, 3.5 mm connector and Bluetooth technology.
Wi-Fi Module: Remotely control the operations of your spa via an optional integrated Wi-Fi module that works with the spa control app
Mast3rPur™ Water Management System: This water management system is a synergistic blend of three proven natural water sanitizers that when combined makes them dramatically more effective through a chemical reaction known as Advanced Oxidation Process. This results in clean, clear, fresh smelling, and silkier water. The Mast3rPur™ option comes equipped with the QuietFlo Water Care System, a 24-hour circulation pump.
Ask your dealer about these Akcesoria
Deluxe Quad-Fold Tapered Cover available in Slate Brown or Charcoal
Stainless Steel Exercise Bike
Stainless Steel Treadmill

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